wenger waz after spurs duo....


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Mar 24, 2005
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Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has revealed at the club's Annual General Meeting that he was interested in signing three of Tottenham's current stars.
The Frenchman, responding to criticism of overlooking English talent in the transfer market, revealed his admiration for Jermain Defoe, Paul Robinson and Michael Carrick.
The England international trio were targets for Wenger before they headed for White Hart Lane but he was unable to conclude any of the deals.
Exciting striker Defoe and midfielder Carrick were both viewed as possible additions during their time at West Ham while current England number one Robinson was considered as the long-term option at Highbury when he was leaving Leeds United.
Spurs eventually won the chase to sign the trio as they continue to recruit young players with a view to building a squad capable of challenging for honours.
Wenger also expressed his determination to bring in fresh blood during January's transfer window as he has not given up hope of catching Chelsea in the Premiership title race.
However, he was not grilled on the future of Thierry Henry nor the sale of Patrick Vieira during the AGM.
carrick was about to sign for us before wenger decided against it... same for defoe aswell - so as a true gooner i have to say its wengers own fault

and to be honest i dont think he is thinking as he usually does buy selling vieira and not bringing in a replacement .... and even for a season he should of went for davids (in my opinion only) but another we lost to tottenham

should of also signed micheal owen

ifs and butts - but i know he needs to buy a few big players in january to keep henry so he better start spending the 30 million i read he had to spend in the summer!!!!
I think the writing could be on the wall as far as Henry is concerned ... I heard he is on he's way to Barcelona ... there seems to be a bit of a French Exodus at Arsenal which started with Wiltord then Viera and Pires is rumoured to be going aswell ... I wonder if that will influence Henry ?
i heard ambramovich was going to invest 2 billion in arsenal FC ?

i think its bullshit though lol

if arsenal win the premiership or the cahmpions league why would he leave ?

no offence liverpool but you guys lost 19 games last season and won the champions league and porto won it thye year before (hardly the greatest teams to win the champions league) anything is possible in a knockout competition... dont write us off yet ;)
Appty he's looking at creating a 100 year reign of terror in the Premship with Chelskie, he'll rape, pillage, massacre, whatever it takes like the brutal dictator he iz.

Hopefully the Americans will bomb the Bridge and take 'im out along with General Mourinho! This time next year may even see both being tried @ the Hague for crimes against humanity, forcing the world to sit and endure the way chelsea play.
i think you have the best avatar i have ever seen in my several years on the net

well done pal ;)

Have several different one, experimenting on a weekly basis with each (none of them my own creation though!)