well my experiment to have four ambits going is a dismal failure. But!


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Mar 30, 2005
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I haven't given up hope yet.
The thing i made looks cool(well i think so) I'll take a pic or a small vid of it and you"s can all have a laugh.
I tried almost everything.
Midpoint=crap (although i might try again)
Wingate= ??? bound my connections. changed proxies and set ports,but to be honest it made things worse. Or maybe i could say it worked for a might and then had to stop wingate engine so i could surf,
Your supposed to be able to rotate your ip addresses. The test is to got onto a page that shows your ip and refresh the page repeatedly and the ip will change.
I can sort of see why this might help.
I really just would like to improve upload(well succeeded with this doing nothing) and download.
I'm gonna keep trying and see if i can pick up a wan router.
Won't matter soon with all the 10bm.
4x10 = 2? 3 ? er 40mb!!!!
Now there's an idea!
More power Grrrrrr!