well done chelsea


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Mar 11, 2005
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well played and very good game and very well deserved if i dont say so myself
Both teams played well. Think chelseas experiance showed at the end. But Arsenal shouldnt be too disheartened.
i wanted Arsanel to win , im a utd fan , but credit where credit is due
John Terry knocked clean out.
20 man brawl, managers on the pitch
3 sent off
Chelsea's first goal offside.( well done linesman)

And remarkably some very decent football on view.
well i was there

we out sang them, arsenal out played them, frank lampards face when adebayer smashed him pure class lmao, everything was perfect except the score, offside first goal, terry knocked out lol.

we played our kids they had 400 million on the pitch

that tells the real story ;)

honestly i am a little disapointed because we deserved to take it to extra time... but on the whole its our youngsters and wenger was true to his kids and played them and they was fantastic and we have some real talent at arsenal and im looking forward to watching them develop


fooking traffic lol just got in 10 mins ago (took 1 hour to drive 5 miles in cardiff lol)

thank fook we have wembley back, welsh peeps was great though ;)

mmmmm uncle teds burgers lol
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Got to say i personally thought Arsenal deserved to win that match. Thought from the 1st minute they were excellent especially for such a young team.
Yeah same here .it was a joy to watch the football they played.Bodes well for the the future of arsenal and i'm a pool fan
Not an Arsenal or Chelsea fan but thought it was a cracking game .
But have to say that Arsenal play some very attractive football these days.
Was hopeing it would go to extra time though so we could see a few more fireworks.

Well done Chelsea.
At least they'll have one trophy this year!!!!!!!
yeah a good game to watch and would've liked arsenal to win since wenger kept his word and played his kds. in a few years them kids will be lifting the title for the gunners,they way they spray the ball all over the parc is class...........just wish we had kids like them. and what a goal by walcott:)
Cracking game. Decent atmosphere. Wouldn't mind a F.A. cup final like that. Pity that Arsenal always seem to get stroppy but who cares if they knock each other out? Good entertainment both on & "off" the pitch.
Arsenal desreve to win the game, until Terry's incident (The Chelsea and England captainwas knocked unconscious after colliding with Abou Diaby’s boot) that make a change:eater:
Fantastic performance by the kids...our goal sheer class...the lads learnt a lot since being around Henry.

To be fair the result wasnt as important for us as the performance, it was about how the kids would react on the big stage till then all they were was good talent. To dominate a chelsea first team was exceptional as andy gray said no team has done that to chelsea...wat kids wat talent...this was their coming of age...
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