Weird happening on Pace 1000's???????

Mr Parsnip

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Feb 10, 2006
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In a house
Here chaps make work of this.

I done a pace 1000 with correct bk and ird and programmed a ATMEGA and was all working perfectly at my mothers.Then i unplugged it and took it round my mates,he lives in the same town and only 5 mins away from me so i know he is in the right area, When i plugged it in at his house it wouldnt work the picture would come on then go off intermititly like a beakon,so i tried putting on a booster and still the same.So i unplugged it and put his SUBBED sammy on feed and it was perfect.So i went home got my spare i have for my mum and programmed it and took it round me mates and guess what it was still the same jumping and all that so whats the crack?

I have tried both pace's at my mums and all fine

I know the signal is ok in his house it just wont except PACES on his stream??

I heard someone mention on here some time back that the cc's were going to do something to stop the paces from working on stream could this be the start as beleive me i have tried everything in my knowledge and a pace just wont work round his but sammy do.

Mr P


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May 12, 2005
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ok Mr Parsnip try this.....but let me say this first, before u start to ask me further on
i know nothing wot these things are for, all that i do know is this, the cable guy's use them and i have a few in me cupboard....anyway, i had the same problem the other day for a box i was doing for me brother, he lives in the next street, anyway, this box was doing this at my place, so i just stuck one of those attenuators on was a 6dB one and wollah, everything was i think and i say i think, it's something to do with signal strength to powerful or not, i don't know u'll have to ask one of the other bigger guy's on but anyway try that.