weather stations & cams ( new thread )


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May 18, 2005
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hi all i know i posted this ocne before but the thread bacame messy with web cams that you can look at on the p.c which is not what i want so i'm posting again.

What i am asking is there was a real neat sporster image out and it had a few web cams and weather station images on it, infact it also had some infrared pictures etc of the earth from the met office.

any one had any success in making one with loads of cams on?

I did see one image that had loads of cams like russia and the golden gate bridge, etc etc but there was a problem on it with saving settings so you could never put an " assign dns settings for my router "

Hi m8 I think the boxcracker blue peer had these web cams installed & the weather satelites
Thanks mate.

Your right there are loads on there but i'm getting an error with the network settings.

I have dhcp enabled and it's plugged into my router but when i got to test the network i get socket error listed on all 4.

I'll start a new thread on it !

Hi m8 I have dhcp turned off with a static ip

& default gateway is set at router ip
great thanks got it working.

Is there any way to add more cams to the image?
When i click that link i get " Sorry - no matches. Please try some different terms. "
Thank you very much !

i shall have fun over the weekend.!

Thanks !
Thank you very much !

i shall have fun over the weekend.!

Thanks !
You could try these i got them all working but this was when commando 5 was released
so some might not work now.
open the tuxwet.conf to update any non working the links.

Put the "01_tuxwetter.cfg" and the "" files in were all the other plugins are and chmod 755 the .so file.
Put the "tuxwet" Folder(tuxwet.conf is in this folder) in "/var/plugins/" and chmod 755 everything in it.
In service menu reload plugins.
hey bro thats amazing thank you very much, i can see the conf file is where you add the files so it's just up to me to find some more web cams and add them to the conf file.

Once i get a brand new list updated and have searched the net for loads of web cams and added them to the file and have them working then i'll post them here for everyone to add them to there folders and enjoi web cams from around the world.

Shame they are only stills and there don;t moove, but hey beggers can't be choosers.!

Thanks again man