warning dont buy @ Satronics.co.uk

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Jul 7, 2010
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i read the article about Satronics a few days before, and this is another warning for people that like to order in this shop. i hope that nobody makes the same mistake and does a order via Prepay (moneybookers etc).

My order was placed 26.05.2010 and the last week the communication broke down totaly.

i asked shipping nr.


Shipping date is this week and the tracking nr will be in your account.



Thank you for purchasing at Satronics.co.uk

Your custom is most appricated.

However we are sending this email to appologise for the delay on DM518S.

There are serveral board problems found on the latest batch which has caused a hold up.

We now have 3 options available for you

1) Wait for new batch 1 Week (Delivery Refunded)
2) Swap for DM500S (Black or Silver)
3) Full Refund - Card Processing Fee's

We are awaiting your email back.

Many Thanks
Satronics Support Team.

i emaild i would like to switch to the 500 !! twice

didnt get a confirmation

on 16.06.10 i wrote

Message: Hello, as in the account message system i cancel the transaction. the delivery takes to much time. Please Refund to my moneybookers account within the next 2 days.

Refund will not be issued as item will be shipped monday.
> pls refund the canceled order

ahh okay shipped on monday yeahhhh !!!!

on 23.06.10 nothing happend i wrote

i have written many times to your live support that is now Offline the hole week.
In your terms is written dispatch in standart delivery takes max 5 days. now 5 weeks are gone and still no dispatch. last mail said something from dispatch monday but nothing happens. im bored waiting for the shipping.
i would like to know what kind of satellite Boxes are on Stock and can be dispatched within 2 days?
By the way if i dont get my order till 01.07.2010 ill stand back from the buycontract and want to get a real refund.

answer was:

Hello .....,
Thanks for your email,
Thanks for your patient in this matter, and we fully appricate it.

We will be shipping your recievers ASAP and will be refunding delivery in full.

hrhr where´s the refund didnt found it !?!?

my last post to the garage company

Hello friends,
now i waitet a long time for my order and its just boring over here.
in the last email you told me about refunding the shipping costs and and and fast dispatching .... but nothing happens.

this is my last post in friendship. im going to set the last delivery date to 12.07.2010. of u dont deliver to this date im going to get a refund by Law.
fun is over.

pls do yourself a favor and don´t order at this SHOP if you like to get something for ur money. I´ll ordered a 800HD and a 518 about 300 bucks. go on and use a not only serious looking store.

greets cyrus


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Mar 26, 2006
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'It was an open secret' - Bill McNeil
yet another sartronics problem.

i have never bought anything from there, nor i think shall i.

It obvious that this guy/company has serious business operating flaws. He needs to seriously look at his business model and how he conducts things as it clearly not working.

Just hope this thread dnt turn into another piggy back jump from a Google search like all the other similar threads about this mob.


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May 2, 2007
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The other thread has got closed now in vouchers and codes...seems Satronics..didnt make any improvements as he said he would and keeps giving people poor service, non-shipment of goods, goods not in stock despite showing in stock on website, payment taken immeaditely goods not supplied, no answer to emails, live support never online, phone calls not answered, sub standard old stock DM800's with no heatsink or fans and old revision J tuners...The list continues...

So be warned all....Dont Buy From Satronics, Price may look good....but your letting yourself in for a world of grief !
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