Wanted : Wireless LAN


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Feb 15, 2007
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Hi folks, just looking for a wireless LAN card for the kids PC. It would need to be a PCI one.

anyone ? :THANKS:
Ideally a USB adaptor would be the best option.

Get a usb hub as move some stuff to that to free up the slots.

Do you have an ethernet port on your machine?
yes I do have an Ethernet port but I have a router on my main machine which the kids can connect to if i get a cheap PCI card.
yes both have Ethernet ports. I just don't fancy running cable they are sure to mess it up lol.
that looks OK how dose it work I was told I needed a pci card. I have a D link router di524 on my main machine and I use a lappy wire free was just going to setup the kids pc so it can run wire free should be OK as I have 10 meg broadband.
It converts a std ethernet port into a wireless one:)

Its the same thing as a gaming adaptor, I use a belkin one for my MP3 streamer. That is supposed to be hard wired, but with a wireless adaptor it makes is wireless:)
Mods can you close this thread as have got fixed up thanks to Mairyhinge. again thanks m8,