wanted - Solder pro 120 tips


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Nov 21, 2006
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Hi all,

Im in bad need for these... maplin has stopped selling them down here in london/essex and im really not impressed... I did have the iroda solder pro 70 but when i went to buy tips for this they didnt have any and I was told by the store manager that they were discontinued...! So I brought the solder pro 120 at quite a cost, only to be faced with the same problem 8 months later when I need new tips.... Now I know that they still sell the tip "pack" for £14.99... I dont want the pack of things I already have for one tip..! and in any case the tip I need is the chisel type one 2mm... not included in the pack :(

Can anyone that is going past a maplin pop in for me and see if there are any on the shelf,... if there are let me know cost and I will send you the dosh for them... plus postage... as im really fooked now lol