[WANTED] R4 Cards Nintendo DS


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May 18, 2005
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Need 2 R4 Cards please.....old type nintendo

i know these are not what you ask for but they do work on DS and DSi, not sure where you will get R4 from these days m8.

try here you can get 2 plus 2 2gb micro sd cards for £18.06 as long as you can wait for slower shipping not tried them myself but my m8 got a couple.

I assume they are to work with wood software got 3 working and play everything I have tried on them.
thanks bud, what's the wood software? i take it i can use the old software that i have on the old R4 cards that you'd grab off the R4 sites, think i'll order a couple thanks
woods firmware is the best unofficial firmware for r4 cards.
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don't mean to be nosey m8, but why are you going for r4 card?
your better off getting the acecard posted in link2.
this will do everything your r4 card will do, plus work on dsi and take sdhc micro sd cards.

p.s. if you do buy the r4 card remember sd cards bigger than 2gig will NOT work with it....
ah ok thanks for that bud, i guess i was just sticking with the R4 cards as i've had them before and can be trusted, might as well get 2 from the 1st link posted then if they do them all.
yes m8,
that is where i buy mine from.
they are very reliable and the cheapest place i have came across yet.
only drawback is that it takes the best part of three weeks for delivery.......