want to change to dreambox

Ask the seller if its an original from dream multimedia or a clone.

The clone should only cost £90 tops and its thats what he's selling he's making a good profit and it doesnt come with 12 months warranty.

They look exactly like the originals but are exact copies from China.

If its original its a pretty good buy at £130.
read that...

so unless u have the box in ur hands u can't tell
IMHO m8 if you want an original and don't wanna take a risk on buying a fake then the place to go is http://www.dvb-shop24.net £130 delivered if u use the wod445e discount code

thanks mate are they worth getting?

easy to set up?? i had no trouble with the dbox 2
where do i put the discont code in?

you put the code in to the "your voucher " box when you checkout

have a good read of the stickys while it's on its way and u should be able to sort your 1st one in about 20 mins....very easy m8

I highly recommend this shop, transaction was very smooth.

Same here service is excellent!! top notch!! ;) the boxes are easy to set up just like the dbox m8 ;)