w-tf file?


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Jan 30, 2007
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I have downloaded some wii games and there w-tf files how do i make them into iso?

PS wheres the best place to get wii in iso ready?
Did that app help?

do the files have file extensions? Are there a load of them? sounds to me like a bunch of rar files or something.

im not 100% untill get more info but garrytate seems sure, let us know if sorted

im a deamon at downloading but not too hot on wii stuff, good luck
if you game is in zip format , download winzip and extract the files , after that look at the image you have if its a iso just burn the game m8 , if it looks like this ?????.wii use RawDump to make it into a iso image
Ive tried rawdump but no go,the files are w-ft 001 to w-ft 089 etc.
Sound like they are rar files m8 grab a copy of winrar that will sort you out and you can extract them to an iso