VW Golf MKIV Bosch RB8 Cluster Miles To Empty


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May 2, 2007
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Long shot, but has anyone here got any experience of reading writing EPROMS on the MKIV Golf Bosch RB8 clusters, im trying to enable Miles To Empty...which requires a dump to be taken from the EPROM a certain Hex value needs to be changed then the dump needs to be written back to the EPROM.

What im trying to figure out is...which tools can reliably read and write to the EPROM on Bosch RB8 Cluster ? I have Vag-Tacho 2.2 but this tool/version is not reliable with type of cluster. I've heard VagDashCom or Vag K+CAN Commander can be used..just after confirmation from anyone thats sucessfully carried out this task...

Part number and Software Version of the cluster is:

Controller: 1J0 920 926 C
Component: KOMBI+WEGFAHRS. RB8 V29