volvo 440


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Feb 22, 2007
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heres one for you all.
i have a L reg 440 1.9 td.
runs gr8 but,
no speedo
no fuel gauge
no hrw
no horn
all fuses ok, would it be a common problem, ie; one touch fixes everything? (yeah i know a match would fix the lot)
or am i just unlucky. as i have said the car runs really good and is in lovely cond for the year and money!
dont ask me if they all went down at the same time, i bought it like that. and the guy i bought it off took it in px.
none of the probs are a major problem to me but i have run out of diesel twice, and would like to sort the horn out. (not much fun when all the women are out and cant get their
any help would be appreciated and hopefully get that fuel gauge going. (fed up of walking with the dreaded can)
thanks in anticipation..steve.
I'd be getting a multimeter to the hrw and horn to check them first speedo could be the speed sensor on the box and fuel gauge I would short out to see if I could get the needle to rise.
the common problem with these is the ignition switch . waggle the key when its running a see if anything comes to live m8
cheers smirnoff, dutcho, i'll try the key thing tomorrow, if no joy i'l try the multimeter when i'm on nights thursday.
i'll let you know how i get on.