Voltmeter method - a tip!!


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Mar 29, 2005
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If you are going to try the voltmeter method of extracting the BK from your box and dont really feel confident enough to solder alll those tiny points on the sim try this!!

Above each track on the sim is a tiny hole - if you get a single strand of wire from some flex you can thread it through the holes to make the circuit. Its a bit fiddly but you sure as hell wont damage the sim as easily!! - on the bits where you have 2 points next to each other that are not on the same circuit i got a small piece of insulation tape and stuck it over the connections to keep them in place and make sure they couldnt touch!!

Obviously you still have to do the couple of bits of soldering on the main pcb but thats not so hard!!!

Anyway it definately worked for me and it might save someone from creating a sim thats looks like its been through the toaster (like my first ever attempt a while back!!~)

I hope this helps!!