Phone Unlocking Vodafone unlocing?


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Apr 27, 2006
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I have seem many people unlocking phones on vodaphone ....It seems as if there is a calc out but i am not sure but many people do it on ebay or on there personal site's i have seen a lot of this ........

Anyone got any idea?
They buy credits for the Voda server. These cost us £100 for 10 logs paid by paypal.
Thats why the credits are sold for £15 - £20 on average with the odd reseller trying for more.

Some phones can be unlocked with various standard unlock codes, but phones such as Sony-Ericsson cannot. for these there is 100% no calculator.
i think its just people who work at voda can get the codes if they work in the right departments as unlike other networks which send out the code to ur address vodafone gives them to u over the phone.
it all depends on the fone u got

some of the phones u can unlock with a bit of hardware

others well a simple calc

so u need to tell us what phone it is