virgin/NTL Pace DI4001N


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Mar 13, 2007
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Hi All,

I am currently setting up a new MythTV system, and I am looking for ways to control this STB from a computer. After googling this site seems to be the only one with any information, but because I am new here I don't seem to be able to download any of the tutorials to do with this box.

Basically I am interested in exactly what I can do with this box. I know that many people look in to free channels etc, but I am more interested in channel change signals. With my Sky box I can do this through the RF2 port, rather than via IR, and I was hoping that there may be a similar solution for this box.

The box has IR in and out, are these enabled? can I use them perhaps directly connected to an RS232 port. Can I use the RS232 port on the box? If not what is this port for? What is the RJ45 port for, does this box provide network services?

I am not afraid of hardware mods, I have allot of experience with xboxs, so this is not a problem.

Basically can anyone point me in the right direction for spec sheets, tutorials or anything like that, or tell me what the potabilities are with this box?