V Slicer Accident


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Oct 3, 2004
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I think we've all seen one of these before and know you should always use the safety holder that protects your hand and fingers from contact with the blade, well one of our members took a little bit of his finger tip off :NEXT: on Saturday because he doese'nt need the safety holder :) and i promised i would not mention his name and i wont.................

Get well soon DannyBoy2 LMAO :Laugh:
these things are lethal but they do stop people picking their nose.

get well soon m8

know how it feels once cut top of mine with a stanley knife.
So what was for lunch..............finger slices.....lol

sorry mate, I know it fecking hurts, done the same kinda thing me self. :nopity:
hehe ive got one of them would never use it without the slicer the upright blades that do strips are lethal too. i once sanded the end of my thumb off on a circular sadner at school i was pushing a block of wood on messing about sanded it down to nothing and as it slipped down the dust extracter my thumb came in contact with the disc ouch loads of blood:Chainsaw:
Seen a TV out-take where Keith Floyd took a bit of a finger off with a mandolin while explaining how dangerous they can be...Slice...slice...slice..sli.ARGHHH.

Probably numbed it with more wine :).