Urgent!!! Maybe A Sign

nidgefranklin said:
Pace box just gone down using mosc (lincolnshire area) anybody having the same problem?
it might be your rom image m8 double check your image and reprogram..
if same try another 100% working au rom image to see if its the box , image, card, or your programing ???
could you be a bit more specific mate - like what exactly the trouble is and if you can still read the card. also state the rev in nagra as it is now.
watching a ppv channel (boxing) he he after the fight the box has frozen on ch110, box has been turned off cable feed unplugged and the box has been restarted...but still nothing the remote won't even change the channel it's stuck on 110.
tried different remote still no luck any ideas
When you restart the box with the cable feed plugged in it should not be stuck on channel 110.

Whats the status now?
what model no: is it mate?

please give more info
Status with the box this morning after been unplugged from cable feed and with power off.

Still stuck on ch 110 no change to it

model is a pace DI4001N

using N*l mosc card
boot he box into the eng menu goto page 6 and press channel up of down a couple of time. pull power lead, reinsert power lead.
if this fails, pull red jumper and replace. then boot box.

do all this with no card in the box.
Tried all the above and still nothing

now im getting err 12 and err 11 i've checked all the leads and still no hope

anymore ideas?
i am in lincolnshire, know a few people with boxes, no problems what so ever, only thing i can suggest is to double check box and card.
i sorted a box for a mate the other day that was displaying error 11 n 12 it had lost its net id and freq was wrong try that
err11 and 12 is normal for a 4000 that has had the jumper pulled - a 4001n should only briefly display these errors then boot.
if it does not then check your frequency is correct for your area.

if it is then the box has developed a tuning fault and that could be the problem!
err 11-12 reflow LHS atmel or remove and replace ! bad connection between 2 legs
quick_silver786 said:
err 11-12 reflow LHS atmel or remove and replace ! bad connection between 2 legs
ok so unable tune to last known frequency and nit is what again?
right girls and boys...i'm forever in your favour list i've got it back up...this is what i did

1...pulled red jumper and replaced it with power on (silly funt thought there was a real red jumper inside lol)
2 ...manually inserted the updated frequency in eng menu.
3...left it for a few minutes

and finlly it worked.....

my little girl say's thanks to you all but me and the wife now hate you all because we now have to watch ceebeebie's 12 hours a day....lol...

thanks to twobeercans i owe you 2 for all your info you're a credit to the site
hi, i had a 4001n stuck on pace and blank screen and i too unfroze it doing the jumper with the power on and no t-stream then set the frequency and pin in eng, then tried to libby it to set net id but it came up with comm error then t-steamed the box in the hope of it sorting it self and it did!!
is this true on other models that setting the frequency will sort out the net id as i thought you had to use libby to do that?

just to add i did try doing the the jumper with power off and it just would not unfreeze
yea pullin the nut off it helps sometimes, ilmao : shocked2