upload website

You'll need to get webspace or upload it to your free space if your with telepest or NTHell?

Lots of places give you a domain name and webspace for reasonable prices. The key to save on webspace is to link all your files via url. I.e. Photo's through fileden or photobucket etc etc. that way you don't use up your webspace as all your files will be stored elsewhere.

I set up my brother-in-law's site with nameroute. Designed it with dreamweaver then ftp'd it up to nameroute. He's £9 per year to have a website (No Adds). You can get free webspace too - Check out this sticky?
Your home page must be called "index.html"

Also are you using XP pro? If so, control panel - add/remove programs - add/remove windows components - Install IIS (Internet Information services).

That will put an Inetpub folder on your C drive (Or main HDD). Store all your files in there. I personally use core FTP to upload to my PWP or Nameroute.
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