Updating Clock on Commando image?


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May 19, 2005
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Hi all,
Sorry if this seems a bit simple, I have been away for an etnerity it seems and got back last week. i tried the commando image and updated keys etc and got it all working.
The only problem I have is that the clock is one hour behind i.e. it is on GMT time and not BST. I have read the threads above about the profile file and copied that across but I still end up with GMT time and not BST. Can anyone help? Also it takes a very long time to shut down, is it possible to speed the shutdown on this image up.
I hope it my post makes sense, I know it is only a little thing regarding the time but sometimes the little things can irratate the most.
All in all though I have run this image for the past few days and it appears to be solid.
First time I have used commando, normally use sportrestar. I am going to get back into playing around with the images now I am back
Any help on the time issue will be most appreciated like I mentioned above I have tried the help in thetop threads at the top of the page regarding profile file in etc. but still not displaying the correct time.

Thanks for the link to the thread that was a good help and a good read