United fans tell Ronaldo to go


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Apr 2, 2007
The Cristiano Ronaldo transfer saga is stirring up some ill-feeling amongst Manchester United fans, leading to an angry protest at a reserve match.

Supporters chanted their frustration at the Real Madrid target and displayed banners telling him to 'go' during the reserve outing against Burscough at the weekend, which Ole Gunnar Solskjaer's side won 3-1.

There is every chance that the malcontent amongst fans could spread, especially in the wake of Ronaldo agreeing with FIFA president Sepp Blatter that he is in fact a 'slave' at the club.

The Portuguese star is currently out for 12 weeks as he recovers from ankle surgery and, should he still be a United player next season, could face serious animosity from the terraces, not unlike the backlash in the wake of his wink during the sending off of team-mate Wayne Rooney during the 2006 World Cup.

Red Devils fan Johnny Hampton told The Mirror: "The fans are the slaves not the players. I started work at four this morning and come straight here to watch the Reds.

"I've not finished paying for my trip to Moscow yet and I will have to work Saturday and Sunday until September.

"It takes me seven years to earn what Ronaldo gets in a week and although he is a great player it is time for him to go, and go soon."

If the saga drags on much longer we can expect to hear many more fans express similar sentiments.