UDP Firewalled - Bearshare Help p2p




I am running bearshare. I have been running it fine for a ong time and noiw for some reason i am UDP Firewalled.

Does anyone know how to fix this problem??

My Router has the port forwarded, and zonealarm trusts bearshare and has all green ticks.

What else could it be?

Rather u then me m8,id steer well clear of bearshare if i was u,riddled in spyware......... it was last time i used it.......
Hmm..have to agree with Zoo...
As for your firewall, have you turned on the Windows firewall by accident? You can turn it off by going into the security centre, or open the port required in its settings....

Have Fun
go to control panel > windows firewall > advanced tab > select the net connection > click settings > add/edit a service/program you want, you can then modify the port no as well.