UCode 14 help


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Jul 31, 2006
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Hello all,

Anyone know if there is a problem with Ucode 14 at the moment as always used this one as the only one to work correctly with streaming as well as giving all channels.

A couple of days ago my dbox stopped working on Ucode 14, the picture just keeps freezing also Ucode 13 does the same. Ucode 1A works fine but no streaming and problem with Sky Sports 1. All the others work fine eg. those starting with B, but no decoding of channels so only get freeview.

Maybe it is just me. lol

Thanks for the help in advance.

I started to get stuttering on my box that's been solid for months. It would freeze for about 1 second then be ok, then about 5 seconds later it would do it again, and it would continue like this.

Changed the ucode and even changed the image but still same. Changed emu and it's been ok ever since. Maybe try that.

Just ended up re-flashing and all fine.

I am so pleased with Commando 8 rom, the best I have used. Steaming works fine also.

Still can't stream to Yweb though but WinGrabTv just fine under Vista.