Tv lineup for tonight, 16/11/05


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Jun 18, 2005
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18.00, ITV4.
Department S.

19.00, ITV4.
The Saint.

19.00, BBC2.

19.30, BBC2.
Rough Science.

20.00, ITV4.
First Wave.

21.00, BBC THREE.
Stigmata. (film).

21.00, Horror Channel.
Hellraiser II - Hellbound. (film).

22.00, Channel 4.

22.00 &@ 23.00, Sky Three.

23.00, BBC FOUR.
When Britan Went Banana's.

23.00, Horror Channel.
Possesed By The Night. (film).

23.30 ITV2.
Total Recall. (film).

ROME (Drama)

Wednesdays 9pm, BBC TWO
Repeated Sundays 10.55pm, BBC ONE

The story of love and betrayal, masters and slaves and the birth of the Roman Empire.

A co-production between HBO* and the BBC, Rome brings together the Emmy award-winning producers of series Six Feet Under and The Sopranos, with the BBC's worldwide reputation for period dramas. Launched earlier in the year on HBO in the US, Rome now comes to BBC TWO.


In ancient Rome mercy was a weakness, cruelty a virtue, and all that mattered was personal honour, loyalty to yourself and your family. Ray Stevenson and Kevin McKidd star as Titus Pullo and Lucius Vorenus, two soldiers in Caesar's (Ciarán Hinds) army. Their lives intertwine with all layers of society as they struggle to make their way in the vibrant city of Rome.

With no rules about what's right and wrong, the soldiers have to develop their own personal morality. Sometimes an action is only wrong if the people with the power disapprove, and they can only disapprove if they find out ...

# Rome boasts the largest standing film set in the world, comprising five acres of backlot and six soundstages at the world-famous Cinecittà Studios*.

# The series required over 4,000 pieces of wardrobe, designed by Oscar-nominated costume designer April Ferry*; 2,500 pieces were used in the first two episodes alone. Approximately 1,250 pairs of shoes and sandals were made in Bulgaria.

# Rome used a peak of 40 horses in one scene, and on the largest day of shooting, 750 actors/extras were used for the scene of Caesar's triumph.

# The Roman coins were all made at the Vatican mint, and have the likeness of the series' Caesar, Ciarán Hinds, stamped on them.

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