tutorial how to paid apps for free help


Oct 17, 2009
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hi there i could do with some help, that someone who has already learnt this can put a tut up on here how to, and a way where it doesnt effect the warranty, and is very simple to do, and is it poss to put straight to memmory card, my phone is the htc desire
come on guys i need help here, i dont know how to put the paid apps on for free, help me out fellow sat m8s, even in a private message if you dont wonna post, i am struggling
2 and a half hours between posts, at a time of day when most people are in work????

i can see this thread filling up really quickly lol
First make sure in the phone settings u have it set so u can install non market apps then get an apk installer / manager of some kind (there are a few free ones on the marketplace, just search)

Then put your acquired apk files on the memory card and use your app that you got from the market to install.

It couldn't be simpler :)
the apk manager is a file manager there are several Linda file manager ; astro file manager are just 2 both are free but astro expires every 28 days then get the app you want drag and drop into the root of the sd card and open with Linda file manger and touch yes to install