Tuning Parameterers corrupt


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Aug 24, 2001
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hope someone can help with this

the problem i have got is that i have had a 1000t box of a mate its been out of the stream for about 2 years so i took out the rom 10 read that ok go the keys need and done an atmega for it it plugged it in and it booted first time 1

then went to S-y Sports 1 and it came up tuning because it was old tw software so i did a forced update and semm to get updated ok went back to s/y sports 1 and it says the channel is uavalible try again later but s/y sports 3 and some channels are there and others arn't

so then booted the box into engineers menu and on 1 page that tells u what u have done like rebooting and stuff it says tuning parameters corrupt any ideas on whats up with it would apreciate anhy ideas on this

cheers yorkie1

by the way the talkback is cut
yes but all my other boxs are cut and they don't just work on the odd channel