trouble getting into engineers menu.


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Mar 19, 2007
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hi all,looking for help to get into a di4001n engineers menu,i have tried holding up and down and powering the box up to enter but no matter how many times i try this the box goes into tune and no menu comes up,this box was working perfect before i got it with original n*l card until subscription was cancelled.i am going to try to get the ird number but this wont let me in,im not conecting the cable wire whilst i try,any info would be great.
remove the front and press the buttons that way
take the lid of the box ..and where the scart lead goes in there a sticker on there.. with the ird printed on it..!!
can you open the box with longnose pliers as i dont have posidrive?
open it with your teeth if you got

ive opened em with pliers in the past m8, a right pain in the ass though.
I have used long nose pliers in the past with some success