Triple Booting XP, Linux and Mac OSX on PC


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Jul 19, 2004
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Has anyone setup their PC to triple boot XP, Linux and OSX? Quite interested in trying it after seeing a friend's PC running Mac.

Been looking around the net for a good guide to do it but not finding too many. I'm not quite sure which version of Mac OSX I should be looking for to run on PC and installing Windows and Linux isn't an issue. I don't have an XP disc though, just an image on a DVD.

At the moment, I'm dual booting XP and Kubuntu with no problems with GRUB but would like to create a partition for Mac and install it. Any good guides out there? They all seem to vary slightly!


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Jun 11, 2006
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I *know someone who* triple booted Vista, XP and Mac before.

But this was a lonnnggg time ago. Mac installations have come on a long time since I did this.

I know someone who did it the old way, what was known as the deadmoo installation.

Apparently you can just download discs now and install from boot, just as if you were from windows.

Tbh, mess around with it, and do it on a blank harddrive, if the harddrive is already in use, do not expect to be able to store any of the data.

If the drive in its current state is important to you, make a clone.

This looks like the way to install Mac these days:

I read that guide and it seems likely to work. This one might be an insight into triple booting, though only skim read it:

I think you're going to have a tricky time getting it to work wtih Kubuntu, from my expierence, linux wants like 3 partitions to install on. I don't think youll have enough partitions, since there is a limit.

If I were you I would forget about installing Kubuntu.

Also, if you boot loader doesn't work, then you can run CDs which enable to you boot a specific partition.

Also looks like the two big discs out there are the Kalyway and iATKOS builds. Uphuck are pretty famous in the field also.

You will also need a retail XP disc. Get from the same place as these mac discs.
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