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Aug 21, 2005
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can someone please help, i have tried a scan with quite a few images now and box is still coming back with 35 transponders found and no channels.

my ber, sig and snr are okay.

box was working right up until sunday night, when it froze and i switched the power off and back on and got error no channels.

is there anything else i can try.
sym6887 and cableuk sym6952

sym6887 and cableuk sym6952 you scanning the right 1 for your self were you are try flashing this work great for me nextgen19.11.05 2x(Fixed epg) mite work for you hope it will help if not sure some 1 will ..:)
the remote control functions on the nextgen image instructions ; are these just for sagem boxes as i have a nokia 2x.
have tried the nextgen image and still only finding 35 transponders and no channels.

any other ideas.
Try the latest sportser image, I've had no problems at all.

Think it's in the downloads section.

I know this is a stupid question: Are you using the right service file?

:flame: :xmas: :flame:
i have tried 5 different images incl. sportster and i am using the correct scan 6952 for telepest.

still no joy, any other ideas?
transponder trouble

finding 33 transponders but no channels... please help
s44byy said:
finding 33 transponders but no channels... please help
not even bb1 or itv
red button blue button and post the ber,snr and sig readings approx will do
take any splitters out of the loop and plug the feed staight to the box
see if that helps.