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Dec 10, 2005
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Hi i have 2 dboxes one is fine and the other only gets 275 channels off the same lead it does not get about 35 of the front row movies and some other stuff they are both on the same image aswell can any one help ?? is it possable to copy every file off of the one that gets every thing and copy it on to the one thats missing some channels ??
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Yes you can either transfer the bouquet and service files
which are located in var\tuxbox\config\zapit folder
or backup the image (Read one partion without bootloader) from the working box and reflash it to the other one
(write one partion without bootloader)
as long as they have the same number of chips ie: 1x or 2x
you will need flashxp to try both
Hope this helps.
its pssible to make copy from the good box and put it on not so good, but the difference is prob in tuners