Tourists flock to sandwich shop


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Jul 28, 2007
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A London sandwich shop has become an unlikely tourist destination after featuring in the BBC1 series 'Sherlock'.

The owner of Speedy's Sandwich Bar, which is used as the exterior of Sherlock Holmes' flat, told the Mail that hundreds of fans have flocked to the location over the past couple of weeks.

The shop is actually on North Gower Street, which is half a mile from Baker Street. The BBC was unable to film on the real Baker Street due to the heavy traffic.

Speedy's owner Chris Georgiou told the paper: "Even though the show only started a month ago, we’ve had 200 new customers who recognised the shopfront and asked if it was 221B Baker Street.

"We have attracted all sorts from across the globe. Lots of Asian people stop to take photographs and we even had the Sherlock Holmes Appreciation Society drop in for a coffee. The cast and crew were all great when they were filming."

When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle originally created Sherlock Holmes in 1887, 221B Baker Street (where Sherlock lives) was a fictional address as the street only went up to 100.

However, when the street numbers were altered in the 1930s, 221B became a genuine address and it is now the UK HQ of Abbey National.

The BBC last week confirmed that 'Sherlock' will return for a second series next year after pulling in more than seven million viewers.