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Too much choice for boxes?

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Milzeh, Mar 4, 2017.

  1. Milzeh

    Milzeh New Member

    Hey all.

    I'm thinking of getting an Xtrend for my first box. Is world of satellite a good place to buy?

    I have moved out into the sticks so no longer have cable. My dish is ready to go. I've got to have open Vix. Any others to consider apart from the new Xtrend?

  2. StuDaBear

    StuDaBear Member

    Pretty sure we can't link box suppliers on DW and I know you deffo cannot ask for Lines, you might get a pm if your lucky. (PM won't be from me though)
  3. johnny bravo

    johnny bravo VIP Member

    mutant Hd , vu+ xtrend..plenty boxes on the bay, WOS are good ive bought from there before..
  4. kegnkiwi

    kegnkiwi Member

    WOS are supposed to be good suppliers. I would edit you post and remove your request as its against forum rules.
  5. Milzeh

    Milzeh New Member

    What about an open box V9s? They're not expensive? Ideally want a sky skin like open vix on.
  6. StuDaBear

    StuDaBear Member

    ZGemma boxes are very popular.
  7. Milzeh

    Milzeh New Member

    Do N lines run more stable than C lines?
  8. cobblers

    cobblers New Member

    I personally like zgemmas, i would go for the H2S though, not the cheaper ones as slow processors in the h2 and star 2s... good VFM and if using Ipab image, come with nice skins built in, and easy to change... very easy to set up, not a fan of openboxes.. GUI is not very nice.. Line stability comes from supplier i think, not necessarily what version of line, Dont quote me though on that.. if that makes sense..
  9. Milzeh

    Milzeh New Member

    Hi ended up with the H5.2s and it's awesome!!
  10. cobblers

    cobblers New Member

    yeah i have the H5, running both signals and it works flawlessly..
  11. JonMMM

    JonMMM Active Member

    Looking at the Xtrend et8500 myself, 4 tuners for £230 seems to great
  12. river4ever

    river4ever VIP Member

    I think your paying £60 to much for that [MENTION=16562]JonMMM[/MENTION].

    Check your inbox.
  13. JonMMM

    JonMMM Active Member

    Yeh that is where I was looking the box that you are looking at only has 2 tuners the one I am looking at has 4 (2 DVB-S2 and 2 DVB-C)
  14. AlanHoward

    AlanHoward New Member

    I'm looking for a new box as I was a bit naive when I got the zgemma LC. Been struggling to get it setup, very little support, constant freezes/blue screen of death. Going to try the build on here once I'm cleared to download. What would you guys recommend for cable only which is well supported and easy to setup. Don't want to spend the earth as I'm already £80 down on the last lemon I bought.
  15. dulcet

    dulcet New Member

    which DM800 SIM is best for latest E2 Images ?

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