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Dec 15, 2006
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i have my shoes on ready to go to tesco to buy a tomtom one this is what i want to do i only want to use it in britian ,update speed cams and use voices

and if it does detect gatso then thats a bonus

but if this is the satnav to have then i off across the road just dont want to waste £179 squid so im trusting you all for your judgment
it does everything you want it to do. i doesnt detect gatso's but holds a database where the cameras are which is updated monthly. Ive not used a tomtom one but have heard they are good.
was thinking maybe one that does detect gatso might be better if its cost effective if there is one
Personally I have the TomTom One GB, which I now have reading all the Euro, US & Even Austrailia maps.

Speed cameras are by database and I find it works well. The only prob with this method is that mobile positions are shown as potential camera and then flash up. Also cameras on the other side of the road come up but this would also with a radar detector.

You can also get Camera & Traffic updates via GPRS & Bluetooth connection to yor mobile from Tom Tom but they charge for this.

This unit is also small enough to travel with - it fits in your pocket. It hasn't let me down yet.

I think Amazon were doing a good deal £163 if I recall.