To modems at once?


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Nov 27, 2005
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Hi, If I were to get another SB4200 could I using a cable spliltter half my 4mb connection between two PC's? or would I be better off just getting a wifi set up?
You got two pc's, two modems.
you'd get 4mb on both.
Why dont you put a 10 meg config on the surfboard and a router?
or two sb with 10 meg each:)
Thanks name, something to look into

But is is safe, I know that in the days of the 1/2 meg connection TW would pick you up pretty quick, do enough people have 10mb for me to have a good chance of being undetected?
I'm no expert but if your cloning macs from a differnt gateway how could you be detected?.
it seems to me that tw are pretty easy going.
an ambit modem will work in a tw area better than it does in an ntl area , and telewest do even use ambits. It must stick out like a sore tumb!
Come to think of it thats all you need if you find a high mac address. An ambit would be much cheaper than a sb and the 120's are next to useless now, in an ntl area.
I can't see how you could be found out.
i was reading something earlyer about each gateway has it bandwifth monitored and if you was leaching massive amounts they could notice that,but how many connections are in one gateway???
Id love to be in a tw area.
Id have my four stack ambit 800(4x200) buzzing away untill they were knocking my door down!!!
more power!!
greed is good!!!