tmc led simm


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Jul 22, 2005
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wondering if anyone can help ??

got a tmc led simm
have done the search for tuts ?
but the only tut i can find it says its no good if its a tmc ?
also i have noticed it has a 3 way switch and gives a reading in all 3 positions

can it read the ird ?
i have th ird allready from engineers mode but its a good way of testing the simm to make sure working right if it can read it

anyways just wanted to ask why there was 3 settings and if the middle setting is relavent

Is it black and says read right to left? If so switch to left is 1st half of BK, switch to right is 2nd half of BK, upright position is not used.

Open windows calculator and switch it to scientific mode, click for binary mode, have switch to the left and reading right to left hit 1 for lit and 0 for not lit. Then click hex and write it down. Move switch to the right position and repeat. Once it's all been read, do it again to make sure you got it right first time.

Oh yeah forgot to add, doesn't have facility to give IRD.
nice one thanks did get the bk and is working now

just wondered why it gave a reading in the center position
but thanks for the reply