TM800 first impressions from a TM600 user


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Aug 22, 2009
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I have bought a TM800 as a gift for my sister and I wanted to make sure it worked before setting it up at her home. Tonight I simply placed the TM800 on top of my TM600, switched sat and ethernet cables and started the device. For those of you wondering how difficult the transition to an E2 HD receiver could be, my first impressions here.

TM800 is decidedly smaller than TM600 and the build quality is a bit worse but the remote looks classy. After turning it on for the first time, the boot process took quite a long time, as long as my old desktop PC booting up Windows 7, which is a VERY long time! The setup was quite a breeze once I realized the TM800 software calls "Satellite Settings" under "Tuner setup". The receiver came with 11.06.2010 UR image loaded on it. CCcam 214 was already installed. I copied my C lines to the cccam.cfg and voila, it's just cleared the channels!

Not counting the actual time scanning the satellites took, it must have taken me about 10 minutes to get the hang of it. It is very very similar to TM600. I have kept my wanderings to safe areas, not venturing into such things as media player or PVR recording, which I knew have not been implemented yet, so it has not crashed on me. Yet.

That's it so far. Unfortunately I am stuck with an old CRT TV, so I cannot comment on the HD image quality. That will have to wait until tomorrow when I take the receiver tomorrow to its home.