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Aug 16, 2005
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Hi guys,
Newbie-ish questions.
I am about to buy a digi-sat set-up & am planning on basing it on a TM 1500 CI Super. Would I be right in thinking that the progs & updates in the Sticky above do the same as the chargeable 'service' provided by one of the larger on-line satellite suppliers i.e. fully load a new STB with satellite positioning & channel data?
Are the loaders etc fully compatible with the new Super model - on TMs own website, the downloads section doesn't seem to list anything specifically for the 1500 Super. I know that the Super has hardware improvements - does it run the same firmware as the 'standard' 1500??
dc :Cheers:
yes all the files in the sticky above are the ones used by people that charge for the service, or those that sell files on ebay, but here you get them free and can learn to do for yourself. Also, yes the files for the 1500 are compatible with the new 1500 super, the firmware, loader, channel lists are all the same.
JIMMYQ said:
most links are dead or is it me ?

ill check this out later tonight, it may be possible that during the upgrade to the forum the attachments were lost