tm 800hd auto channel scan

where could i get that lamedb list? i think we got it to work i got set up wizard to guide me over the settings and i got selected LNB 1/2/3/4 for the sats then went onto transponder configuration and got a/b/c/d ports selected for the sats as i mention earlier and done auto scan got 3835 services found, cant wait to buy cccam file tomorrow, is there any cccam publishers that do them for free would like to try it tonight.

Thank you very much Abu for help!!!

You have preseneted a list of satellites. Each satellite has tranaponders. That list is only interrogated during scanning or checking in sat finder ( aprt from validating position/existence). For tuning purposes lamedb file is used, hence the advice to transfer a list.

Have you checked the footprint for 4.8E? Hopefully someone in your neck of the woods can confirm if you can get reception of 4.8E
Astra 4A at 4.8°E - LyngSat Maps

Thank you for clarifying.

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got another problem.. after couple of channel switches receivers gets frozen i cant navigate but can still watch the channel that its on.. how could i solve that or will i need to install another image? and if i will need to install a new one, is there a way to back up those transponder settings and channel list that i got after the scan?
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