Tit2 Programming Problem


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Jul 19, 2005
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Earlier this week, my tit2 card, which has worked successfully for several months, decided to stop working, presumably because of a change in the codes.

I initially programmed the card successfully, but now cannot seem to reprogram it to work at all, despite following the tutorial.

I have a Pace 1000 Phase 1b stb, Infinity USB Programmer, and am in an ex-c&W area (stockport (bromley ex cw platform 41060))

1) I suspect im confusing myself reprogramming the card, as its been awhile since ive has to do it. I read the forums, and noted that there are possibly three int eep files available to download (one says use nagra 3 not 4, one's a bin file, another is a normal hex file), so am unsure which the right one is...if anyone is in this region, can they clarify which one worked for them and perhaps PM me the right one?

2) Do i need to enter cam ids? If i remember, last time i left them at 00 00 00 00 however the tut says 12 34 56 78 (basically make them up). Again, someone who has managed to get this working please clarify.

3) Do i need to amend the public keys 1 and 2 at all? The tut says enter some false ones, again i tried this but no joy.

I must have had a dozen attempts at reprogramming the card, and have succeeded in totally confusing myself, hence this post ! Last time i ran into problems, the forums were very helpful and success resulted.

Hi Shade

Just PM you the new key's 0 and 1 , put them into the card and see if you get all the channels open, never dun a tit card just a (fun4 + AU) mosc and atmega163.

Hope that helps you out.

Cheers Garry
If its like the ATmega163 card some peeps have a prob with them , and if you put the key's into the card , the card works ok then AU's no bother after that.

Cheers Garry

heres what you need to do.

1.) you will need a tit2 progger software. Within here you erase your card and program your 3 files on there CryptApp.eep, CryptApp.hex, CryptKey.hex

2.) Then you open up nagraedit (shouldnt matter which version) and your .bn10 provider file. Edit that file so that your IRD is backwards and enter your Box key. If your ird is 12 34 56 78 then it will be inputed as 78 65 64 12. You shouldnt need to input the keys and i would zero it out. The CAMID isnt compulsary. Once you have made your changes save that file. In answer to your question it is a bin file you use not a hex

3.) Then open up Winexplorer onpen the load script, run that script and when it asks you for the bn10 navigate to the one you saved earlier and select that one. Once its finished unplug your box from the mains put the tit2 card in then plug the box back into the mains and put it on BBC2 wait about 5/10mins and try a non FTA channel and hopefully everything should work.

4.) now if you dont get any non FTA channels i would start again from step 1 but this time in step 2 put the current keys in the bin file. If you need any of the files let me know.
Still no results.

Error 1)

When using WinExplorer 5.42 and its sending TX/RX data, i do get the message

RX Data :

Sc.Read: Timeout Reading Data From Card - 6 Bytes Requested, 0 Bytes Read, Continuing Script

The TX data seems to be ok.

Error 2)

Secondly, after i insert the card, power on the stb, wait 10-15 mins, i do get 0 and 7, but when i try to chanve channel, it allows me only to enter two digits on the remote. If i try to enter a third digit, it springs back to channel 7. Eg...kerrang is on 819, it lets me enter the 8 and the 1, as soon as i press the 9 it flicks to channel 7.

I have tried unplugging the stb from the mains, and booting up again with the card insterted, but get same error as above.


A) Do people normally get this message on every RX line? The script does end with a "Script D:\loadeep.xvb Transmission Completed" which leads me to believe all went well.

B) What should i set the port settings of COM1 on my motherboard to, in case these are wrong?

In any case, just to make sure im using current files, i downloaded the ex cw bin file from here :


These are dated october, and im sure my stb stopped working in november, so perhaps the files are out of date? If someone could attach or pm me the following current files, it would eliminate the concern over out of date files

C) CryptApp.eep, CryptApp.hex, CryptKey.hex (unsure if these are updated as they came with cardprogger 2.0.0 which i have, inless theres a newer version of cardprogger)

D) current rom10 file for ex c&w region

I use nagra edit 4.1, which i presume is fine, and winexplorer 5.42, which i presume is also fine. I use cas studio 6.2 on phoenix mode to erase and program the hex files in.

Once again, thanks for the help and i hope im giving enough information here.
alright mate...

firstly if you are getting timeout ".....errors can you check in winexplorer your set to "titanium_nagra_settingsther otherwise your ini could be corrupt...... this could be part of your problem as you dont normally get these

secondly which file set are you using to programm the card, they could be incorrect

try these files including winexplorer......although i havent included a bin for C&W i dont have it on this PC.....try t hem and let me know
Success !

The files logic provided worked.

Just in answer to my own earlier questions, if anyone else had a similar problem, i took the following steps .....

1) Downloaded the Rom10 image for the ex-cw area posted by benny59 here:


2) Using Nagra 3, opened the image and inputted my IRD normally (12 xx xx xx xx) and BOX key normally
3) Left the default cam ids alone (20 05 24 35)
4) Left the public keys 0 and 1 alone.
5) saved the modified rom10 image

6) Using winexplorer, programmed the card with the modified rom10 image
7) powered down stb and inserted card
8) powered up stb, changed to channel 2 and waited 5-15 mins to get a signal. All channels then worked.

Just to ensure it wasnt a fluke, i did both my tit2 cards, both worked.

Once again, many thanks for the info, especially to logic and garrytate !

Thanks again,
Hi Shade

Gllad you got your cards to work.

Cheers Garry
I may have spoke too soon on this one !

Im succeeding in programming the card, within 5 mins i get all the channels etc.

However, after a few hours, the channels all change their channel numbers (bbc1 isnt on 1m for example) and shortly after that they just dont work.

When i erase and reprogram the card, all is fine again....apart from every now and again the above cycle repeats.

I am trying this now on my spare tit2 card to see if it happens; has anyone come across this problem before, if so what caused it? Faulty card perhaps?