Thursday Quickies


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Oct 3, 2007
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Over There<<<<>>>>
Anyone found my lost chocolate bar?

I went to Alton Towers and must have dropped a Double Decker somewhere.


You know those trick candles that you blow out and a couple of seconds later they come alight again?

Well, the other day there was a fire at the factory that makes them.........


I'm really looking forward to going out clubbing this weekend.

If I'm lucky I might get about 50 Seals.


A Scotsman is sitting on a train across from a busty blonde wearing a tiny mini skirt.

Despite his efforts, he is unable to stop staring at the top of her thighs.

To his delight, he realises she has gone without underwear.

The blonde realises he is staring and inquires,

"Are you looking at my growler?"

"Yes, I'm sorry,” says the Scotsman and promises to avert his eyes.

"It's quite alright," replies the woman,

"It's very talented, watch this, I'll make it blow a kiss to you."

Sure enough the growler blows him a kiss.

Wee Hughie, who is completely absorbed, inquires what else the growler can do.

"I can also make it wink,” says the woman.

The Scotsman stares in amazement as the growler winks at him.

"Come and sit next to me," suggests the woman, patting the seat.

The Scotsman moves over and is asked,

"Would you like to stick a couple of fingers in?"

Stunned, The Scotsman replies,

"Good grief! Can it whistle, too?"


Hand - Eye Co-ordination Test

Try this good fun make sure you’re speakers are on it has a very good sound track.

Don't forget to post your score :Clap:


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Apr 14, 2008
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Good one Brian --Eye didn't see that coming.