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Mar 17, 2005
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look at the sigma page i uploaded and do this

goto sigma page where it say Config File: put in this

and where it says Config TFTP IP: put in now only press change in next to Config File: it will load then try a speed test,,,,,,,,,,,,if that dont work change you ip to

then do above let me no if it works
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why do you put in the config tftp box??, this is wrong, for it to grab it from your default server leave it blank?, and by not pressing the change you aint doing anything at all?, you might as well type screwnthell in there, as for changing your ip to, can u explain why u do this?
m8 i all ways do it that way i have done 6 sb5100i s all with the 10 meg file this works 4 me i thought i would share it to help everybody
yea changing the file name and pressing change is correct and is all you need to do, putting in the tftp server field is wrong and by not pressing change u must be able to see it's a waste of time?, still dont get changing your ip, that makes no sense.
Im all for helping/sharing but it's got to be accurate/usefull info.
m8 i only said to do that if dont work
If it works it's got to be the right thing.
I have'nt done it yet.
Sb5100e coming tomorrow.
I'm at work gonna miss the post man ahhhh!
I've messed with the sigma page though and put a config name in though.
If it's in the modem.
Like the mac address is then is that what it 'looks' for to download.
If 6 says he's done 6 ab5100i this way and it works then surely that the way to go.
I spent a week trying to get a sb5100i working on exCW cos someone said all you have to do is change this and that and it 'should' work.
I realised it probably wouldn;t cos i couldn't find anyone who actually had succeded in doing what should work.