The cost of living?

Well I started off really good with over 2000+ gold but then managed to lose it all in just 2 seasons! :(
wahey managed to get through the four years and came out very well off.

got 10 diplomas and plenty of money by end. Took me several attemps.

sum tips......below to help you out.


-always buy books every season, if u can (tend not to send children to school)

-Buy the bike (more jobs)

-Try have at least one person has volunteer (Build yours community)

- Buy chickens when you can

-Always send them to hospital

-Don't do rumdistillar job.

-Buy toys,books,shoes, radio at start

-Market women good job, until educated more.

-Prepare your house for Hurricane always.

-Use the buttons 'work harder','less' and quit.