the best creamy chicken curry ive ever had !


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Jul 15, 2007
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on my way to brum brum
just been to my sisters for a few days and whilst there she made a curry , have to admit, probably one of the best creamy currys iver ever had, uses coconut milk which to be honest i dont really like mainly due to the fact i had some sort of korma years ago which tasted like rice pudding with chicken in.

so whilst there i photo`d the recipe which is here.

gonna make this myself this week, just thought i`d share (thanks to onemans earlier recipes, which by the way ive just got the extra ingredients for, cheers bud).

seriously, it was excellant, am tempted to try it with some fish aswell :D

Creamy Curry. :)

I think you mean Korma. ;)
yep korma, but just calling it what it said in the book.

on another note thought, didnt realise it had an cd with the book with authentic indian music, to get you in the mood lol.
it is mate, its a popular book just search title name again on amazon or ebay theres quite a few, also the paper back is availible covers slightly different ;)
I opted for 1 onion.
2 garlic cloves
1 red chilli
full can of coconut milk and I added some steamed cauliflower just to make it sort of healthy.

Lovely lovely meal! Really enjoyed it. I will be doing this again.
yep, just did it today my self, just kept to the recipe.....................did i fook lol i ended up addiing a little smoked paprika, and some red lentils in the last 20 mins of cookin................what a curry, i too stuck a full can of cocnut milk in, no water and just simmered it like a stew, adding the red lentils 20 - 30 mins before ended thickened it up nicely. oh and a yellow pepper.

deffo one of my favourite currys this boooger.
made this for my dinner tonight. very nice it was. followed the recipe, but put all the coconut milk in instead of water.

would definately try it again