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Aug 29, 2001
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We have listened to the members, and have decided to bring back the Rant Room. This room is going to be opened up to allow you to get your issues off your chest and let of some steam. But not to insult each other
This room will be loosely moderated and potentially may result in an "anything goes" room, and hence some posts may cause offence to others. If this is the case please leave the room. and look around other parts of the forum.

Digital World will not be held responsible for members posts, we will loosely moderate this room, but by reading this post and your continual use of the "rant room area" you are agreeing to the terms and conditions set out in this post.

DW or Digital World or the hosts who provide our connection will not be held responsible for content of posts in this area, the content is the sole responsibility of the poster / Member who posted the thread or post.

If you have an issue with a post you will direct your issue to the poster of the thread / post via private message from here the site, you can access this by registering or clicking on the user for profile information, if you are a guest and you have read this post... you are also bound by the terms stated here and will either leave the "rant room area" or leave the site if you fail to agree or use this section under our terms.

Post's can and will be removed if they are in a serious breach of the forum rules, while this forum is loosely moderated please keep in mind that posts that will bring DW into disrepute may be removed.

Many thanks

The Mod and Admin Team
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