telnet with apple device (flawless script)


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Jun 2, 2016
Hope this helps for those without computers.
Just tested this app and works great.
Must be IOS 8.0 or newer.
Ipod touch.

(openATV) First download EPGImport from the plugins then reboot box.
Download the "free" app.

It is important you do NOT lock your screen or come out of the app when telnet commands are on going.

Open the app and go to "configure" then "add configuration" ip address will be your boxes ip then go back to menu.
Go to "connect" and you will see the ip address from the box just tap the ip address. It will ask you to log in and the password will be root.
Just paste the details of the script your supplier issued then tap the enter button and script will run and box will reboot by itself after a few minutes.
Now the script is running you will need to select you sources.
Go into the EPGImport plugin and select a time to start downloading (i set it 7:00am) and "start import after boot up" as ALWAYS.
Press the blue button to get to sources and tick the following....

UK IPTV, Canadian IPTV, Canadian1 IPTV, USA IPTV and USA1 IPTV, International IPTV, International1 IPTV, International2 IPTV, Rytec UK XMLTV and Rytec Middle East XMLTV then save.

Reboot box then after a few minutes your EPG will be filled.