Teesside Problems


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Mar 5, 2007
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Being new to dreambox world i seem to be having problems with freezing and complete locking of the dreambox, speaking to bloodstone who seems to be having same problems as me is there a known issue in the teesside area, is this due to the new upgrade to 20mb BB service.

I have a signal booster and 4db attenuator on my cable and still getting problems, my setting are fine though, SNR 95% AGC between 45-50 and no BER.

Is there anyone else in Teesside area that is having same problems ?
i'm near you in hrtlpool and i'm using dw 1.6.1 without any problems at all but i've tried 1.6.2 on all 3 of my boxes today and all i can pick up are the free channels (bbc1 etc). i've tried all 6 tuner\emu combos and i cant see any of the good channels all i get is black screen. as soon as i switch back to 1.6.1 they all show up without any problems. don't know if this is any help but it's been like this since thursday for me when i got the boxes.
Looks that way mate....LOL

Maybe we can have a look at each others setup's and see if we can trial and error to get this right.
Cheers Voy....

Are you using any attenuators or signal boosters, also what are your SNR,AGC and BER rates?
hi, from billingham area and running dw1.6. from having no problems for months recently i have had freezing/lock up problems. not using any boosters or attenuators. sky sports 1one has been pretty bad, as well as some discovery and UKTV channels
Cheers Voy....

Are you using any attenuators or signal boosters, also what are your SNR,AGC and BER rates?

i'm not using any attenuator or booster, the signal is split outside to go upstairs, the snr is 95, agc 44 and ber is 0. these numbers are the same in dw 1.6.1 and 1.6.2 but as i said everythings perfect in .1 and no premium channels in .2.
Think we have an issue within the teesside network structure, will try and find out if there is anywork being undertaken at the headend or any of the sub sites around teesside. Got a good friend who works in the headend.
im in boro

and my box is working fine with dw 1.51 image

and slx booster

all channels clear and clean