Technomate Nano-SE-M2 Review.


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Nov 5, 2009
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Initial Impression:

Not too much change here apart form the Obvious colour yes thats right Black is the new silver, The M2 version certainly looks far better in its black clothing than the original SE version.

Apart from the Colour nothing else has changed it still feels nice and solid with its metal casing, And everything you need to get setup quickly is provided in the Box.

The biggest change is and this is what sets it apart from its nearest rival the Vu Zero we now have space for an internal 2.5" Hard Drive which really is the icing on the cake, no more external USB drives need here takes less than 5 minutes to open up the case and install.

Another added bonus we have is now a Rear ON/OFF switch this was a real bug bear on the previous SE model especially when you where re-flashing the box with another image, now you can just switch On/OFF.

Setting Up:

Not much change here from the previous SE model apart from the added bonus of the On/OFF switch to aid with any image flashing procedure you need to undertake everything else is the same.

Daily Usage:

Again no Major change here from the SE model review, including the added internal Hard Drive there is still no Heat issues the receiver is still barely warm to the touch even after many hours of use. I would have imagined a little more heat dissipation with the inclusion of the hard drive but with most 2.5" drives being 5400rpm speed this does keep heat build up to a minimum.

The Power Supply again is an External brick type which also keeps the heat away from the main receiver.

I tested the Main 3 images with the receiver 4D OpenPLI, OpenATV and OpenVix all performed admirably well none of them had any problems identifying the internal hard drive and mounting it as a /media/hdd straight off the bat.


Now its time to give the newly added function of having an Internal hard drive a test, Flawless is all i can say i was able to record anything from 2 upwards channels and watch another or view a recording from the HDD.

Obviously the drawback here is that being only a single tuner device then you can only record from the same transponder, but if your lucky enough that transponder may hold channels that you could possibly switch to another channel or record one and watch something you recorded earlier.

Timeshift function also worked a treat i set it to the standard 1 hour setting and was able to pause - rewind without a hitch.

Good points: - Apart from being exactly the same as the standard SE version we now have the added power toggle switch which was sadly lacking from the previous version and the most imporatnt addition the inclusion of being able to internally mount a hard drive for recording.

Bad Points: - Not Much its just a shame that TM's new breed of linux receivers are still limited to 3 images but of those 3 they do what they say on the tin.

This is without doubt for the price range with its added features probably the best single tuner Satellite receiver available at this moment. Now TM if only you can do the same for the TM-Nano-Combo-SE.



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Jan 3, 2016
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No optical S/PDIF despite the claims on the TM website and fleabay!!
Not having an amp with HDMI's - this might be a deal breaker for me. I was seriously looking at replacing my new zgemma H2S due to the issues with tuner B.