technomate- anygood??

i wouldnt buy from this guy he told me the biggest load of bull there may be peeps on her that could maybe sort you out
Think this model has no card can only view fta channels or channels cleared by the patch...As for price - the guy that installed my tm 1500 is selling the model you refer to £75 88cm dish £43 LNB £17 ...cabling extra -not sure if bracket with thing for sure no bullshit and only common sense answers and advice.....If it werent for him i'd still probably be just thinking of having a euro system......

have a look at
would definetly recommend e***sky very helpful guy and definelty no bull s*it
I have a tm1500 great little tool, just patched it with good help from here[easier next time] they are cheap and they do a work well