technomate 7655 help required


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Nov 7, 2005
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Please can anybody help me as I am new to this.
I have bought a technomate tm 7655 2va which is supposed to be patched.
I have managed to get it to track the arc by following many articles on this site but i cant unlock anything with a $ which i guess means scrambled . I cant even unlock anything with just ((.)) which again I think is audio.
I have tried downloading Darkmans patch for tm 7655 still no change although from what i have read since. Im not sure if I have downloaded correctly as I have tried doing this 2004 thing and nothing happend please please help before I go out of my mind.
eventhough it has a $ it does not mean it is scrambled goto 13e hotbird and look for multivision 1 2 3 4 film channels 4 of many more if they clear the patch is working

The 2004 thing is to turn the patch on and off if you see cas and biss in the system information menu the patch is on if you cant see them then put in 2004 and it will turn the patch on

:Cheers: careful when you view the Multivision channels as they broadcast Pron at certain times of the day :)

TM 7655 2VA Help

Can anyone provide advice for changing the Smartcard read option in system config.
I want to check that my TM7655 2VA is reading a legit $ky card.
Currently its set to read viaaccess. I understand I need to change it to read TREC/Dragon.
Please advise. All ideas welcome. Sorry folks I'm a newbie just trying to find my way!
ok m8- its not clear as to wot ur actually doing at the mo and im not familliar with your tm model but:-

you can not insert a sky card into the embedded cams of a tm........what u need 2 do is get hold of a trex cam and insert this into the ci module of ur receiver. then insert the sky card into the trex cam. you will need to go into the settings wiv ur remote and enter the sky box serial number that the sky card is paired 2 and then u will b cooking wiv gas......but every now and then put the card into the original sky box to keep the signal active.....

The trex cam needs to be patched for these files just like a tm receiver would and they sell for anything btwn £60 and £80 a piece. I didnt know howt 2 do it either and my supplier kindly sold it with the files already on.

Digidude may be able to provide and help on this site......if not i can give u a web address where mine came from.....