Talkback on a 4010


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Aug 16, 2005
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Yer maw!!!
I think I've asked these questions before but I'll re-phrase.

1)4.5 years ago, we had ntl for around 18 months - then moved. As it was more than 12 months, does this mean it's my property now?

2)I have used it just to watch normal freeview channels but have never purchased, NTL TV in my new home, but do have telephone and cable fom NTL. They have never asked for it back since.

3)Will I have to cut my talk-back to re-prog my card?(NTL area, 4001 box.)

4)Can someone give me an in depth tut. on how to cut talk back on this box, pref. pictures aswell? I've seen the pics on cable -hack.pdf but it doesnt explain exactly how to do it!?
i don,t know were to start but read novice angels guide,get yourself a 7£ programmer from jabbsplace or many other places,get an led simm modual from the same place to obtain your box key,also get a fun card provided your never box never modded before you will need to cut talk back,but if its in your name or untracable to some one who has to fit the bill,don,t bother doing that,i did it for 3 months and the box blew not by ntl.electrial fault,can,t be bothered to fix will also ned to update your box via inside it and down loading from ntl.thers to much to mention but theres every bit of help here.all in it should cost you 20£ providing you have solder iron,low wattage or a heatsink to put on,flux,soldrer wire.AND PLENTY OF PATIENTS AND BEER.GOOD LUCK.COB
This is my box that I kept from my old address, I can prog the cards, its just the hardware im having probs with